Ni beaux ni laids

Ni beaux ni laids

Celle qui attendait ( Anglais )





She who waited








In the village of forgetfulness, with lots of silences and sighs,  the ancestors tell the story of  she who waited...

She waited for such a long time that her eyes, almost white remained riveted on the horizon. Motionless, with loneliness at the core of her soul, she took the attitude of a lonely forsaken bird.


She waited for such a long time that all the rustling in the foliage of the trees reminded her of old songs. The music softened a little of the frostbites left over time.


She had been waiting forever for a small piece of eternal love with a long night of troubadouring. The tears she shed ran down her cheeks and died a little more each day.


She has been waiting thus since the beginning of her life. Waiting, hoping and aspiring ... but just like a faded rose, she began to dry up.

She waited for so long that her heart, one night, dissolved into tears. Several seasons later, a man found the one who had been waiting for him for so long.


She lay motionless among the slabs where hundreds of small white flowers flourished and on her tombstone, one could read the inscription: she who waited.


Francine Fortier Alberton




Traduction réalisée par Suzanne Boyer Lalande.


Peinture de Patrick Schembri


Vous pouvez lire ce texte: Celle qui attendait en français dans Méli-Mélo

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