Ni beaux ni laids

Ni beaux ni laids

Marguerite ( Anglais)











In the woods, nearby the castle of the goddess Flora were born hundreds of daisies embroidered with long white petals.

Zephyr, the wind, whose love for his wife Flora was an inordinate love, had offered her eternal spring. The small florets with a yellow heart heard in the far distance the music and the dancing of all the princely guests who worshiped the beauty of Flora whose beautiful head was crowned with flowers.

A little more set back, a tiny daisy had just opened her eyes to the world, but fortunately for her, the goddess Fortuna had taken

her under her wing and lavished her with a destiny worthy of the most popular flowers of all the court.

One day, a young prince who was walking alone, fell under the charm of this tiny plain flower. He carefully took her between his fingers, spread open her petals and whispered: "I love you a little, a lot, passionately ...”

Profoundly moved to the depths of his being, the heir to the royal blood picked up his daisy with love and put it in his buttonhole.


This is how a plain field daisy became the favorite of a king who continued during his whole lifetime to keep it close to his heart.


It is said that at the death of this king, no one ever saw him again at the castle of Flora, that they buried this poet, king and lover with the one he had chosen nearly one century ago.


Francine Fortier Alberton



Traduction par Suzanne Boyer Lalande.


Vous trouverez en français le texte Marguerite dans cette catégorie Fleurs en mots.

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